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Deartis Mason
Deartis Mason is a 17-year-old senior at Sahuaro High School. He is from Tucson, Arizona born and raised, but he wishes that he was from somewhere exciting like California or somewhere fun besides Arizona. His big interests are the ocean and sea life. He’s interested in those topics because almost 80 percent of the ocean is still undiscovered and to him, that’s very fascinating. This is Deartis’s second year in The Paper Cut and he’s very excited to be in this class again. Deartis is an only child and lives with just him and his mom at home.  He loves to watch movies and spend quality time with his friends. He likes to go eat out and walk around the mall and shop with family or friends. He sees himself going into the dental field and being a Dental Hygienist just like his aunt. His favorite place to eat is Chik-Fil-A, he loves their waffle fries with Chik-Fil-A sauce. He would like to see all of the world one day and to be able to take his mom with him as well. In all, Deartis is very adventurous, friendly, and very caring.

Deartis Mason, Reporter

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