Sahuaro Alum Open Up Sydney’s Sweet Shop


Deartis Mason, Reporter

One of our very own Cougars has locally opened up a new business and it’s amazing, Sydney Adams threw her grand opening for Sydney’s Sweet Shoppe from 12:00 – 6:00 p.m. on Thursday October 1st. Sydney first started  baking in her home for co-workers, friends, and family and it has flourished into something way bigger than what it was when she started at home. Sydney has always had drive for baking and that’s because of her grandmother – she loved to bake as well.  Her grandmother was an avid baker and had many recipes for all of her tasty treats, the recipes that are in the cookbook date all the way back to the 1940’s. The family’s main thing that they all loved to bake was pie.  Sydney said, “Pie has always been my family’s favorite desert and my grandma was a pie baker. My grandma was always known for her pies, winning many contest in her home state of Illinois.” When Sydney started to get more comfortable and confident about how she was baking and making sure to get the right taste, she started to bake for others using her family’s recipes.

This is Sydney’s first treat shoppe located near Sahuaro at Bear Canyon.  “We chose our location in the Bear Canyon shopping center after realizing we needed a space that already had a kitchen in it.” Her Sweet Shoppe has many customers that come to her daily and compliment her on her baking and tell her how amazing it is that they are selling their treats in that area.

She started out baking pies in a space called Cook Tucson and she sold her pies online and occasionally delivered them to her customers. A big challenge that she faces right now is how to spread the word around about their shoppe because their main way of people finding out about her shoppe is by mouth or Facebook, Google and Instagram. They post updates about their current specials and holiday ordering. Sydney also mentioned her favorite treat on the menu and that is the Chocolate Cream pie layered with whipped cream. Her best selling pies are Dutch Apple, Cherry, Chocolate cream and Key Lime.

For a full menu, check it out here.