A New Jenner Joining the Clan


Deartis Mason, sports recorder

Everyone (well, people who follow social media) was surprised to hear the news of the Kylie Jenner pregnancy. When she revealed the news, people went wild. Kylie and Travis Scott had only been dating for one month when they got pregnant. Even though Kylie and Travis are having a baby, they decided they are not going to marry and are contemplating if they should live together. Kylie was interviewed by TMC and announced that they are welcoming a baby girl in February of 2018. Everyone was wondering if it was planned, as Kylie said that she wanted a baby and that her and Travis have known each other long enough to decide. People are saying that she is following in her sisters’ footsteps because all of her siblings were unmarried and had children.

Kylie has no issues about being an unwed mother; she feels like she and Travis are in a good relationship and she wanted a baby anyway. One of her sisters, Kourtney Kardashian, did not ever get married and she has had three children. Kylie recently turned 20 in August. Her parents and siblings all support her and the family loves her new rapper boyfriend.