Senior Night Softball


Deartis Mason, Reporter

Like many others who play softball, they start at an early age, and it was the same for Analise Rivera-Nelson, Chloe Davison, Cassidy Morrow, and Mati Goerke. Ana started playing softball when she was 6-years-old, so she has been playing for about 12 years, and Madi started when she was 8-years-old, and Chloe, and Cassidy have also started at a young age, so these girls have had a lot of commitment for playing softball and sticking with that sport for many years. Analise has decided not play softball in college because she wants to focus and have school be her number 1 priority.  Madi said that she’s playing college sometimes, only because she has been playing this sport for so long, and she might miss it. Cassidy mentioned, “I have a certain type of love toward the game to where I’ll keep going even if something comes up or if any conflicts happen.”

Ana, Chloe, Cassidy, and Madi have had a pretty stressful past couple weeks leading up to Senior night for these girls. They have had many practices that lead up to the big game on Senior night, practicing for about 2-3 hours every day of the week but Cassidy said she would also like to go out and hit some balls on her own time – that’s dedication for you. Madi mentioned, ” Sometimes the team gets pressure to win but thats when we all as a team need to relax and slow the game down so we can win.”

Motivation is very big in this because if you’re not going to try, then you might lose and that’s what Ana and Madi were saying. They had a lot of drive and motivation and even pressure to win because it was their Senior Night and they did not want to let their coaches and teammates down. Also, it’s basically the end of their high school softball careers and they wanted to end it with a win. Cassidy also said, “There is always pressure to win, but you learn to give it your all and depending on the result, if you gave your all you should be happy with how you did.  If not, then that gives you something to work on.”