Florida Lifts All COVID-19 Restrictions


Deartis Mason, Reporter

Florida is having a massive change coming to them.  Florida’s residents will no longer get into trouble or get fined for not wearing a mask in public areas and bans on businesses, even bars and restaurants, have been lifted to try and help the state’s economy according to Gov. Ron DeSantis.

With Florida lifting all of their COVID-19 restrictions you would wonder well how many people are sick or if their cases are going down or not; right now Florida logged about 2,000 new COVID-19 cases on Sunday and the state’s total numbers in cases are 700,000. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty crazy to be lifting all of your restrictions and still have that many cases. Talking about cases and infection, about 14,037 residents have died because of the virus according to the state health department.

On Monday September 21, the state’s health department found that the state’s positively rate went from 5.33% to 7.54% over the past 2 weeks and that is higher than the threshold health experts recommended. When there is a high positively rate sometimes that could be a sign that the state is only testing its most ill patients and is failing to cast a net wide enough to accurately capture community transmission according to Johns Hopkins University.

Gov DeSantis said, “Florida plans to move forward with hosting a full Super Bowl.” The World Health Organization recommended that the governments get their positively threshold below 5%. Some people are very excited for this to happen, but at the same time it’s also a very scary thing for them, infections could increase and things could get bad, but let’s all hope for the best.