An Icon Gone But Never Forgotten


Deartis Mason, Reporter

Larry King, American television and radio host, died at age 87 year. He was best known for his talk show Larry King Live. King won several awards, including: two Peabodys, an Emmy and ten Cable ACE Awards, and he has hosted over 50,000 interviews. Larry was born on November 19, 1933  in New York City and has 5 kids. He recently was hospitalized for COVID-19, but that was not what he died from. It was an infection called sepsis which is a bacteria infecting the bloodstream.

Larry’s wife, Shawn, said, “Larry’s death has brought his family closer together.”  The two were supposed to divorce back in 2010, but they never went through with it. Then they were going to divorce in in April of 2020, but again, he never went through with it.  His wife was hoping he wouldn’t do it and they ended up never divorcing. His wife said that they were always a team and that’s why they were with each other for so long. Shawn King stated that Larry was very proud of his sons and Larry’s family was very proud of him as well  – he was very good man.

Some of his more famous interviews were with:

  • Frank Sinatra (1988)
  • Elizabeth Taylor (1993)
  • Marlon Brando (1994)
  • Jerry Seinfeld (2007)
  • The O.J. Simpson Saga.
  • Carrie Prejean (2009)
  • Paris Hilton (2007)
  • Al Gore and Ross Perot (1993)

Even though he had beat COVID, it still took a major toll on his health.  But he will always be remembered and loved.

“The world knew Larry King as a great broadcaster and interviewer, but to us he was ‘Dad.’ He was the man who lovingly obsessed over our daily schedules and our well-being, and who took such immense pride in our accomplishments — large, small, or imagined,” their statement said.
“Through it all, we knew without a doubt in the world that he loved us more than life itself. He was an amazing father, and he was fiercely loyal to those lucky enough to call him a friend. We will miss him every single day of our lives.”
The sons asked that, in lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the American Heart Association or the Beverly Hills Fire Department EMS.