New Food Trucks Coming

New Food Trucks Coming

Deartis Mason, Reporter

I love food and I know there are a lot of people out there that do as well, so no better way to tell you some good news.  All around Tucson, there are food trucks and lots of delicious food, specifically at local parks and downtown areas that you probably have already seen and you don’t even know it. These food trucks offer an abundance of different types of food and you should definitely try them. Hey, you might like one of these food trucks and they could even be one of your new favorite spots to go to.

There are going to be five new food trucks and they all have a different variety of food between them. The type of cuisines these food trucks are going to offer people are: Colombian, Caribbean, Chicken Wraps, Taste of Maine, and even Puerto Rican desserts. Food trucks have started to show up a lot more since the pandemic hit, as many restaurants have closed or offer limited dine-in.

All of the five new food trucks are located at the Tucson Culinary Landscape and there’s a designated section especially for the street food trucks. One of the owners of the trucks, Cindy Beltran, mainly opened up her food truck because she wanted more cultural food in Tucson such as arepas and empanadas. The other owners of these food trucks all have many different stories on how and why they chose to go into the food truck business, and most of their causes were because of Covid or they either have been saving and wanted to go into this industry. With a lot of people coming to these food trucks they are asking everyone to take precautions and to stay safe.

Want to check some out?  Click here.