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Delivering Sahuaro's Cutting Edge News & Saving Trees

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Delivering Sahuaro's Cutting Edge News & Saving Trees

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Is President Biden Too Old to be Held Accountable?

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WASHINGTON, DC – FEBRUARY 13: U.S. President Joe Biden speaks on the Senate’s recent passage of the National Security Supplemental Bill, which provides military aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, in the State Dining Room of the White House on February 13, 2024 in Washington, DC. During his remarks Biden urged House Republicans and U.S. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) to move the legislation through the House of Representatives. (Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

A large population of Americans think President Joe Biden is too old to serve another term as president. About 86% of Americans think Biden is unfit to be president and 59% of Americans think both he and former President Donald Trump are too old.  Many Americans think Trump is too old as well to serve as president.

Biden, 81, has shown slow and confused behavior. “Biden just seems to be very compromised by age-related conditions,” said Eric Dezenhall, 60, a corporate scandal-management consultant who has followed Trump’s career and worked in Ronald Reagan’s White House. Age discrimination may be banned in the workplace, but the president’s staff and the people of America aren’t shy about their bias about the situation.

Even people who like Biden have to admit that he is frail and too unfit to lead. With Biden fumbling some words, appearing confused, and taking short steps like a toddler, our country will be seen as weak if this continues with Biden speaking for the good of America.

Reports on Thursday last week said Biden’s handling of classified documents made 38% of Americans think Biden should have been charged with a crime, while 34% say he should not have been charged. Trump has been indicted on federal charges about his handling of classified information while others argue that Biden is too old to be held accountable for his mishandling of classified documents. They both shouldn’t be handling classified documents but Biden much more because the state of mind he is in is dangerous for our country.

More Americans trust that Trump would do a better job of handling challenging jobs. So is it biased and unfair that Biden is not as in trouble as Trump?  68% of Democrats say he shouldn’t have been charged while 73% of Republicans say he should have been. There are many opinions on both sides about our president but what will be done about it? Biden should be charged for his crimes like Trump because he still did it no matter if he is inept and can’t understand certain situations anymore because of his health, it needs to be handled.




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Montana Poe is a junior at Sahuaro High School. She aspires to be a journalist in her near future. She is very excited for new fun experiences in her second year in The Paper Cut. In Montana's free time she enjoys practicing and playing volleyball, playing video games, and spending time with her family. She has four brothers who are all older than her but love her very much. She plays club volleyball and volleyball at Sahuaro High School if she could, she would play a lot more sports. Montana has always loved talking and writing about things that are happening in the world around her and in day-to-day life. She wants to travel and see things that maybe some day she can write about. Most of all she want to make her dad who has recently passed away proud because she cares about what he thought and wanted in her future.

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