Badminton Online?


Deartis Mason, Reporter

Badminton is a super fun sport to play  – it’s also a very hard and competitive game. When playing Badminton you have to remember all of the rules – I have badminton for second period, but I would have never thought that we would have to be learning how to play from a screen. Teaching this year is very difficult for many teachers and students. Mr. Click said that “it’s very difficult to teach badminton online since it’s a very hands on kind of class.”

Mr. Click is one of the Badminton teachers and when learning about this game I didn’t really know that is was considered a sport in many countries or was even a sport in High School, but we learn something new every day. Mr.Click also mentioned that “I started teaching badminton 5 years ago.” In Badminton their are usually a pair or doubles playing in the game; when playing the game you use rackets and a shuttlecock. Playing in a game you would play a match and that consists of 3 games and whoever gets to 30 points first wins that match.

Hand-eye coordination is key in this game when serving. It’s so easy to mess up, when you serve the shuttlecock there are multiple ways you can serve but the most common one is the flick serve and how to do that you hold the bigger end of the shuttlecock and you hit the ball at the end of it to make it go over the net. When you make a point, you’ll know because if your shuttlecock hits their side of the floor then that’s our point and if theirs hits ours, then it’s the other team’s point. It’s kind of tricky having to learn the concept of badminton while online and having to remember all of the rules or even how to serve.
Last year if I would have told myself that we were going to be doing this online I would’ve said no way, but now that we’re here it seems like a very fun game and I’m looking forward to hopefully be in that class in person.