Who Is Sahuaro’s Ghost?


Giselle Enriquez, Editor-In-Chief

I believe in ghosts. Do you? Well if one thing is for sure, the faculty here at Sahuaro does. Here at The Paper Cut, we got ourselves into some investigative journalism to further this spooky case. We approached several of the faculty members to get the real dose of what haunting spirits we’ve got roaming the halls with us.

Tori Moore, a custodian here at Sahuaro, let us in firsthand on her face-to-face encounter with Sahuaro’s ghost, “A Tuesday night, about 7:30 PM, my back was turned and I was kinda just drinking some water facing the table. And when I went to turn around, I saw a Caucasian man that I could see right through. His features, complexion, and everything. It was just like a flash of the eye. Seeing him, and then.. it went away.” Tori Moore later let us know that the ghost was wearing dark clothes, looked like he was in his forties, and emphasized that the ghost was staring right through her.

Anna Hernandez, another custodian here at Sahuaro, got goosebumps just sharing her experience with us. Her encounter with the ghost was at the teacher’s lounge in the upper 100 building, late at night. “It was a man with glasses, I looked and I thought it was Tony, and when I looked again, it was gone.” During her night shift Anna tells us she often sees shadows, feels somebody behind her, and hears somebody hitting the locker doors.

And although both these ladies have experienced such upfront encounters with the ghost, neither of them really gets scared. “I’m used to seeing ghosts,” Tori says. “There’s one in my house that pulled my son out of the bed when he was four years old.”

Charlie O’Malley, another custodian who works the night shift here at Sahuaro, said that once a month he hears a door or two close when there is absolutely nobody else is in the halls. “I’ll be out in the front, and I’ll hear steps like someone is walking from the 100 building to the 200 to the 300, and I’ll keep hearing someone going through those doors. And I’d run up really quick to look, but there was nobody there.” The elevator at Sahuaro is also the ghost’s favorite ride, “It hasn’t happened in like six months, but I would hear a zzzz ding, and all of a sudden the door would open up.”

The custodians informed us on their most frequent encounters with the ghost being in the upper 100 right by the teachers’ lounge, library, cafeteria, and the upper 200 by the doorway. And although the ghost is not hostile, he always just seems like he’s looking right through you. Charlie believes the ghost is someone who used to work here, possibly a past janitor, as all sightings have been at night.

I don’t want to boast, but we might just have a ghost at our school.