Tucson Rent Is Rising


Emma Brinke, Reporter

Reports are showing that all rent costs across the nation are dropping. They have dipped down due to the pandemic, except Tucson prices just keep on rising. The rent is up 1500 a month . California prices are insane, says Yusuh Saleh “Arizona was an affordable place, but the more we live here, the trade-off isn’t as good.” It’s found that a company called Rent has been raising Tucson prices every month since last November. Recent reports have shown that the rent prices have raised up to 15% with studio-912$/+10% 1 bed-1025/+12 2 beds-1292/+15. “Hopefully Tucson will start to see that moderation,” said Jon Leckie, a rent researcher.

Father Ariel Enriquez with five children, moved to Park Place Condominiums in north Tucson soon after rent raised up from 200$ to 1,700$. The single father could not pay the fees and had to be evicted in April. This was 22 months ago.   All over Zillow, data rents in June went up to 1,795$ (30%) in 2021. Even older houses with lower income and predominately Hispanics are transitioning to market-rate housing. This is happening all over south Tucson, “We’re starting to see it in the Phoenix-Mesa chamber metro,” says Yusuh Saleh.