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Sahuaro Blood Drive 11/17/22


Ali Wood, Reporter

Donating blood helps save many lives and only takes 45 minutes to an hour, but less than 10% of people donate. When I asked Suzy with the American Red Cross why students should donate, she said, “Donating blood literally saves a life. You never know if someone in your family might need it.” People might fear needles, but Suzy’s advice was, “There’s nothing to be scared of, it’s one pinch then it goes away.” Suzy recommends people get into the habit of donating while they’re young.

Dela Edwards, a student donating her blood, was nervous. When asked why she wanted to donate blood, she said, “It saves a lot of people, and I also want to get rid of this fear. It’s scary to see the blood.”

Donating blood is simple. A stress ball or something similar is given to keep blood flowing before and during the process. Then the area is cleaned and the needle is inserted. The needle going in is described as a pinch for a second but goes away. After donating blood, it is important to stay hydrated before and after donating blood.

Students who donated were given snacks and a $10 dollar E-gift card.

StuCo club sensor, Alexis Trujillo reported, “We had 26 donors but only 15 whole bloods, and 1 power red for a total of 17 pints of blood.”

According to the American Red Cross website:

Donate blood!

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Sahuaro Blood Drive 11/17/22

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