Football Player Jaiden Weisenberger


Ronaldo Felix, Reporter

With the football season coming to an end, a lot of the new freshmen players have shown what they can do on the field. Jaiden Weisenberger is only a freshman, but he has proven the force he can be in a game. He is the team’s middle linebacker and has done a good job even though it’s his first time playing linebacker. He has played football since he was 8-years-old.

Jaiden originally come to play receiver for the team, but Coach Bushy thought he would be a better asset to the team on defense. “It’s like being quarterback of the defense.”

Throughout the season Jaiden has played well for the position given to him. Never having played middle linebacker before, he has a lot of pressure on him during games. Having to remember the calls and making sure to call the right thing every game can be overwhelming for some people. Also managing to get good grades and making sure to be at practice every day shows that he loves the sport.

After the season ends, he is hoping to join the track team. Jaiden ran track before last year and he liked it, so he’s going to do it again this year. Now that the season is over, he wants to make sure that he is still getting practice so track will help him with his speed for next year. He said he wants to do it because he,”… was really good at it last year and because I want to get faster for football.”