Broadcasting Club


Mekayla Phan, Features Editor

In the wake of the the great success from The Paper Cut‘s  debut last year, Sahuaro High School is currently building its first, and TUSD’s very own first, Broadcasting Club.
“Our aim is to give our students the opportunity to experience and learn more about broadcasting… [while also] bringing the community and business partners together,” Mrs. Lori, the Financial Office Manager says. Though she has limited knowledge of the club’s future development, she says the general idea of the club is “to broadcast all the home games and have the students more involved.”
So, how does it exactly work? The club will be delivering news broadcasts/podcasts and coverage during events (primarily sports) through a newly designed phone app. This unnamed app, which will be released soon, works similar to an online radio where students and parents can hear and keep in touch with what is happening with the latest school news and sports.
The idea came from Mr. Cephers, Sahuaro’s Assistant Principal of Activities, who was talking with a close colleague, Dakari Box, of a program founded by Box, called CityPrepRadio. This program will be the central media platform for the Broadcasting Club.

“[It will be] a great opportunity to experience a level of communication here at Sahuaro (besides clubs, outside school, The Paper Cut,  etc.)… and also generate a bit of revenue  as well,” Mr. Cephers said regarding why he wanted to start the club. Mr. Cephers was a Broadcasting Major at Southern University of Lousiana, which probably also enforced his decision. More than anything, he hopes that the club will  “bring out a positive environment on campus… (and for students who don’t know how to get involved) to generate a culture of ‘Why not me’?”

Currently, the Broadcasting Club is not entirely funded yet, with only the support of the army for the startup costs. However, once the club is running, there is hope to gain more sponsors from local vendors for air-time advertisement. The assigned club adviser is CTE Photography teacher Mrs. Olstad. If you are interested in “building school spirit and community awareness”, please go to Mrs. Lori (Finance Office) or Mr. Cephers (Activities Office) for more information.