Boyd Baker Tournament: Sahuaro vs. Salpointe


Caleb Loya, Reporter

When a basketball game goes on during the  last period of the day, everyone wants to go. The first game of the Boyd Baker Tournament was held in the McConnel Gymnasium on Wednesday November 23rd, and it was packed with cheering Cougars. Students filled the front entrance of the gym right when the game started. Students had to be with their 6th period class in order to get in, other adults that went to watch the game paid to get in.

The stands were filled with mostly Juniors and Seniors, their to support their Varsity-playing friends. Student Council ran the snack bar, selling many foods like nachos, beans, rice, hot dogs, and little snacks such as candy bars, and fruit snacks.
The Sahuaro Girls Varsity Team played against Salpointe. #30 Carina Mendoza made the first two baskets of the game for Sahuaro. They did a really good job both defensively and offensively, and whenever Salpointe had the ball to take up court, Sahuaro’s defense was able to stop them. A few key players were: #10 Ashley Bradford, #40 Melaya Leon, #34 Lully Heslep, and #32 Shalya McCraney. They all played great, even though there were many fouls called during the game. “A lot of fouls were called during the game. Once the girls settled down, we were able to play well,” Coach Botkin stated.

The final score of the game was 49-39, Sahuaro won. Coach Botkin was pleased with the game. Overall, he was happy with how they played and the final outcome of the game.