Giving Back: The Start of Something New


Samantha Crowson, reporter

“I was trying to teach my daughter giving,” began Mr. Echols, when asked about the Ronald McDonald House (RMH). Last year he planned to teach his 3-year-old daughter the spirit of giving, the original plan was to donate items to (RMH), but they couldn’t take it. This sparked an idea, what if he got his classes into donating to share the spirit themselves? So this year, he set up a date to bring items in and 3 weeks ago he announced it to his students.

Then on Saturday, December 10th, 20 students went to the Ronald McDonald House and brought items in such as a TV (brought by Mr. Echols himself), a Christmas tree certificate (which was brought by Jordan Wolfred), and other essential items.

Students like Malia Carpenter brought paper towels, warm gloves, and socks for kids. Brenna Loszakovitz, brought baby supplies. Both were happy to help.  “If you have more than enough, you can always give to someone else,”said Malia. Her mother was also there to help and was just as excited to spread the spirit.

Brenna said, “Helping less fortunate families should be a goal at Sahuaro,” and was willing to help next time an opportunity like this comes around.

“I plan to do this every semester…” Mr. Echols said in the end. Hopefully the students every year will be as willing as those who came this year.