Taylor Swift’s New Single Leaves the Internet Wondering


Avery Miller, Cougart Co-Editor, Co Community Builder

Everyone was expecting another breakup song, but everyone was shocked when Taylor went rogue with her latest single “Look What You Made Me Do”. The song is a part of her album, Reputation, that will be released November 10th.  The song was dropped August 24 and in less than 12 hours, had sky rocketed to over three million views on her lyric video on YouTube. After her last 1989 album broke multiple records this wasn’t a surprise but the lyrics left the listeners baffled.Image result for reputation taylor swift

Instead of the stereotypical, upbeat pace you would usually think of when your friend at lunch mentions a song by Swift, ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ has a mystical feel and “edgier R&B and Hip Hop vibes.” The edgier vibe ties in with the snakes and black and white theme. The old Taylor is definitely gone. The song included lyrics stating: “The old Taylor can’t answer the phone right now….Why? Because she is dead.” Soon after the song hit the pubic, her music video was released August 27th,the night of the Video Music Awards. The most sssssshocking part was the ending, showing a timeline of Taylors throughout her career, calling each other out. Apparently she is tired of shaking it off.

The song has received a lot of attention from celebrities and Swift fans. Hundreds of videos have been posted on the internet regarding the change in reputation regarding Taylor Swift. Swift claims to have gotten harder, defeat makes her smarter.


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