Fall Sports Game Day Nutrition

Fall Sports Game Day Nutrition

Avery Miller, Cougart Co - Editor , Community Builder Co - Editor

With all the athletes here at Sahuaro, sports are a big deal. Every athlete has a different way to prepare for the game day ahead. But what about nutrition? The general rule is usually no sweets and lots of protein. What are some suggested foods and go-to snacks of the athletes here at Sahuaro…

I am a swimmer on the Swim Team here at Sahuaro. Through years of swimming in competitions, I have learned what to eat and what to stay away from. The night before my meet, I will carb load (eat lots of carbs), and this will keep me full of energy the next day. The morning of my meet I usually eat eggs and a banana. The rule of thumb for swimmers the day of a meet is to eat light, so you don’t sink in the water. Don’t eat any food 2 hours before a race to make sure all the food is digested. Another tip is to also stay away from all carbs the day of, because it will make you slow and bloated. My favorite game day snack is a banana.

Madi Nash, a Senior on the Varsity volleyball team, states, ” Usually before a volleyball game, I stay away from candy and salty foods like chips and pretzels. The day of the game my favorite snack is carrots and peanut butter. I always am sure to eat lots of protein.”

Volleyball coaches recommend eating a strong pre-game meal, a meal you eat a few hours before the game. Sticking to lean meats and carbs are a good idea. They also recommend to never eat a food that you have never tried before.

Dr. Leslie Bonci, the director of sports nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and a nutrition consultant for the Pittsburgh Steelers suggests to eat a pre-game meal that resembles a peace sign. 1/3 of you’re plate should be lean meats, 1/3 of your plate should be fruits and vegetables, and 1/3 starches like rice or pasta.

Studies show that Cross Country and Track runners should have a pre-game meal of 2/3 carbs and 1/3 lean meat. The carbs will fuel your leg muscles. The meats and carbs will minimize cramps and pain when you are running long distances.

Golfers may not be doing a lot of exerting exercise, but they should have a good game day diet as well. Golfers must focus while in the match, so nuts and lean foods are suggested. Make sure that they drink a lot of water before they are out on the course in the hot Arizona sun.

In conclusion, all athletes need to watch what they eat before their performance day to perform to the best of their ability. But don’t forget to refuel your body; after the match, game, or meet drink lots of water and stick with fruits and watery foods after exerting all of your body’s energy.

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