The Fall Ball Has Fallen


Samarah Peters , Freshman Liason

Fall Ball is a place where music and chaos is everywhere. This year’s line-up consisted of bands Pierce The Veil, Thrice, Breaking Benjamin, Beartooth, Dreamers, and a few more local bands on Saturday, October 21. The dubbed version of 102.1’s KFMA day will be at the Kino stadium.

Amanda Mourelatos, a freshman who went to the concert, was loving the vibes after she bought a Breaking Benjamin shirt and got to watch a friend go up stage during Pierce The Veil’s performance. Amanda also said that she was one person away from being in the center of a mosh pit, a rather scary but fun experience for most. “Lemonade, lemonade, like grandma made,” was one of the many things being shouted through the field. “You could hear it from the other side of the baseball field and honestly, he [the guy selling the lemonade] made my night with his enthusiasm for lemonade,” Amanda said. Well, that lemonade better have been pretty darn good. Later on during the event, she and her lucky brother got to have their picture taken with the band Thrice!

Sofia Brouse is a senior that also went to the Fall Ball concert and has gone for 8 straight years. This year she went there to see Beartooth and actually crowd surfed through Peirce The Veil’s performance. “I thought it was pretty cool seeing ‘King For a Day’ live!” she said, happy with her recent concert experience.

Fall ball was loads of fun, and there are plenty of pictures of the event all over the internet.

If you like concerts and don’t want to travel far from home, come to the next Fall Ball. Rock on!