Behind The Scenes: The First Assembly


Laura Mejia, Sports Editor

The first assembly to kick off the year of 2017-2018 took place on the 20th of October. The stands were full of spirit, showcasing all the neon for neon day. The winners of spirit week, Abi Nash and Ryan McPherson, were crowned as well. Students looked very content during the hour, sharing laughs and bopping to the music at hand with each other. The assembly was full of corny jokes and games that included some of the student body, some teachers, and two recruiters from the Navy. It also had the tradition of recognizing the varsity fall sports, more specifically the seniors in each one. The cheerleaders really got the crowd riled up. Brandon Dasso, senior, rocked a Jimi Hendrix-like guitar solo along with Choir for The Star-Spangled Banner.  Almost everyone stood.

The assemblies of this school seem to be taken advantage of at times. Students often do not realize the amount of hours that our Student Council puts into getting everything ready for the big day. It takes weeks before to get all of the decorations in order along with the class posters, coming up with ideas for games, finalizing the days for spirit week, as well as constructing the scripts for the MC’s. On the night before the assembly, all of Student Council had to begin setting up the gym for the big day, arriving at the school around 8pm and leaving around 9 or 10pm. On the actual day of the assembly, they had to arrive at school at 7:30 in the morning to rehearse and finalize decorations.

A whole lot of work goes into days like this, so do not take them for granted. Overall, the assembly was a very fun-filled hour. Assemblies at Sahuaro always seem to be a positive environment to be in. Special thank you’s are in order for the students in Student Council – you guys are immensely appreciated.