Review On The Riverdale Premiere

Review On The Riverdale Premiere

Avery Miller, Cougart Co-Editor, Community Building Co-Editor

Riverdale rushed the media in late May and is finally back for season 2. Riverdale has characters based on the loved comic-book characters from “Archie Comics” that were popular during the 80’s and 90’s. The TV show is a crime murder show about the death of Jason Blossom, but the plot deepened and linked to the past. The directors left fans with looming questions- Is Fred dead – the father of the main character? and who was the shooter? Fans have been counting down the days until Riverdale is back on the screens, October 11th.

The new season endures much more drama and new characters like Toni Topaz, who is played by Vanessa Morgan; Chic Cooper, who is also Betty Cooper’s brother; Hart Denton, Hiram Lodge, and ‎Mark Consuelos. A new actor is going to be playing football star Reggie Mantle, Ross Butler. Toni Topaz is going to be a close friend that Jughead acquires  while settling into South Side High. Chic is the accident child that mama Cooper had during high school. Hiram Lodge is definitely going to be a huge antagonist during season 2. He is also Veronica Lodge’s father who had recently gotten out of jail.

The premiere of season 2 was full of drama. The episode picks up exactly where it left off, but with a new masked killer in town. He shot Fred… and he was out for more blood, killing the fandom hated Ms. Grundy who also had a forbidden relationship with Archie. She moved to Greendale, another small town right across Sweetwater River. She had another relationship with a boy in high school, and after kissing him goodbye the masked killer strangled her, consequently, with the bow Archie gave her as a goodbye gift.  The premier had some cool dream features while Fred was still in the hospital. It showed the core four graduating from college and Archie getting married to Veronica. We were all relieved when Fred woke up, but Archie is going to all measures to make sure him and his family are safe.

We all know that Conspiracy Theories would be popping up all over the media. Does Clifford have a twin? Is the masked man a Serpent? Or is he Hal… Is Archie a Blossom also? Is Archie’s mother related to the Blossoms? We all know only time will tell.