Olympic Star on the Rising: Malia Carpenter


Laura Mejia, Sports Editor

A fellow Cougar is shooting to be an Olympic Boxer. Junior, Malia Carpenter, has been boxing since she was 8 years old and is now 16.

Every week day she trains from 5 until the gym closes. Her training consists of 3o minutes of jump rope, 3 rounds of shadow boxing, and a lot of cardio, core, and strength. She doesn’t go on diets unless she’s cutting weight since she already eats pretty well. When asked what Olympics she’s shooting for she said, “The 2020 Olympics because after I graduate in 2019 I’ll have a whole year to solely train and if that doesn’t work then definitely 2024.” Malia claims she’ll “…never stop, I’ve been doing this for a while now and I will never get tired of it.”

Malia is pretty well known around this school as well. So, Sahuaro keep and eye out because we have an up and coming medalist on the rise.