Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, Review


Avery Miller , Cougart Co-Editor

Jumanji: Welcome To the Jungle, quickly climbed to the top of the movie reviews after it was released into theaters December 20th, 2017. The movie is a re-make of the old Jumanji adventure movie made in 1995, starring the beloved and deceased Robin Williams. The old movie had the same events but the new movie put a refreshing spin on things, including the aspect that when the characters die in the game, they come back to life but only three times and if they use up those three times in the game, they will actually lose their life outside in real life.

The movie is about a haunted video game that sucks four very different kids into the game while in detention one day, and they must beat the video game before they return to real life. They complete the normal video game tasks by outrunning the “bad guys” and thinking outside of the box, all while not running out their precious three lives – if they do they will actually die in real life. Once they beat the game, they can be free and return to their real life outside of the game.

Much of the movie’s humor is derived from the teenagers avatars inside of the game. The nerdy boy next door, Steven, becomes the smoldering and ripped avatar portrayed by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The buff football player, Fridge, turns into an avatar portrayed by Kevin Hart. His short avatar is a struggle for the once 6 foot tall giant. The shy and brainy girl, Martha, turns into a dance fighting man-killer portrayed by Karen Gillan. Lastly, the social media-crazed blonde-haired girl gets transformed into, no surprise, Jack Black.

Together the characters overcome the bad bikers and search for the jewel to return to the the heart of Jumanji and restore the peace. Along the way they meet new characters who got stuck in the haunted game decades ago, and find out more secrets of the jungle.

After seeing the movie, I will definitely go and watch it again. The movie pokes humor at high school society. Although there is some adult humor, it is fun for all of the family.