Spring Sports are Right Around the Corner

Spring Sports are Right Around the Corner

Avery Miller, Cougart Co-Editor, Community Builder Co-Editor

With the close of the winter sports season is a whole new wave of excitement – the start of the spring sport season is right around the corner. Baseball and Softball players have been preparing for tryouts and growing the grass again. Track has also been in preseason, hitting the weight-room and running on the track. Tennis players have been itching to start getting their reps on the court started again. Finally the boys volleyball players had their first meetup, getting info for the new season. The start of a new season is also open doors for new opportunities. Whether you are a freshman still looking for the perfect extra curricular or a senior looking for a way to make your last year one to remember, joining a sport is the best way to get into shape and join the Sahuaro community.

Baseball players have been working on refining their skills for weeks now but its never too late to try out! David Urias, Junior, states. “On baseball we are trying to improve in every way. On and off the field. It’s a brotherhood.” The coaches are Coach Raemaker for JV, and Coach Blakely for Varsity.

Softball players have also been conditioning and working infield and outfield. Lauren Wedman tells why softball has been such an amazing sport and a great part of her life. “It gave me an opportunity to meet and play alongside many different girls and work towards a common goal.” The coaches for softball are Coach Crandell for JV and Coaches Bacon, Lopez, and Fowler for Varsity.

Tennis is in desperate need of boys tennis players, so grab a few friends and have fun on the court. The sport is also a non-cut sport, so no worries about not making the team! KJ Redlin seems to be really excited about the upcoming season. “Tennis gets you into shape, because you use almost every muscle inside of your body. You can play the sport for the rest of your life.”  The Coach is Mr. Lawwill.

Track is getting a running start into this season. Many participants have been out conditioning for a few weeks. Ronnie Sabatino spills, “Track is an extremely excellent way to get into shape, the workouts require lots of endurance and it really works every part of your body.” The coaches are Mr. Rutherford, Mr. Spencer, Mr. Veal and Mr. Lane.

Boys volleyball is also getting started back up again after the off season. Jacob Woods says, “Volleyball is a way to make new friends, you learn to trust one another. People also expect guys to play volleyball, so it is exciting.” The coaches are Coach Click (Freshman), Coach Shawn (JV) and Coach Wharam (Varsity).