Red Gerard – Youngest Snowboarding Champion


Avery Miller, Community Builder, Cougart Editor

The 2018 Olympics were hosted in Pyeongchang from February 9th to February 25th, and our American team’s performances managed to break some long unbroken records. One of the most noted Olympians of this year’s games was Red Gerard in the Men’s Slopestyle.

Red was the first American to win a gold medal in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. To make the win even more exciting, 17-year-old Gerard was the youngest contender on Team USA to win a gold in the Men’s Slopestyle, as well as being the first gold medalist born in the 2000’s. Along with his jaw dropping performance in the Slopestyle, Gerard also competed for his debut in the games in the big air, which is a newer Olympic snowboarding event.

Gerard has been snowboarding ever since he was able to walk. His older brother came up with the idea to build a mini snowboarding park in his snow-covered backyard, and he and his siblings got to show off their skills and teach each other new tricks daily.

The morning of Red’s award-winning run wasn’t the smoothest. Gerard states, “We were staying pretty far away from the mountain, so it’s like an hour bus ride up there. You have to wake up so early. I’m just not used to waking up early at all and I just slept in.” Along with the crunch for time, Red also couldn’t find the most essential part of his gear, his jacket.”The jacket was a little tough. I had to borrow my roommate Kyle Mack’s,” he said. “It was a little mess of a morning.”

In his first two runs on the windy day he won his medal, he ended up falling and coming up short for his score. His mindset for the last run was simple: just land the jumps. “Then, once I found out I was on the podium, I didn’t care what spot I got as long as I got top three – that was insane to me. That’s something I thought I would never be able to say in my life; that I got top three at the Olympics.” After his beautiful run on the slopestyle, Red was full of joy. He ran over to his family to give them hugs, and even let an F-bomb slip from the excitement.

Red spent the rest of his week enjoying the fun of the Olympic Games with his family and friends. They stayed for the remainder of the event, cheering on the rest his USA teammates in their events. Gerard says, “The best part about winning is that I am living my dream.”

If you missed watching him, you have to check out this video.  Awe-inspiring!

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