No Cats Allowed!

What New Zealand Has To Say

Denise Najera, Reporter

Banning cats? That’s not possible. Right? Sadly, it could be. So yeah, you read correctly. Apparently a small village in New Zealand is raging over a new plan that is trying to be established. The ban of all domestic cats. Cat owners will now have to take their beloved cats to be neutered, microchipped, and register their cats to authorities. After that, they are not allowed to get another one.

This plan was made to protect the village Omaui’s native wildfire. Citizens tend to let their cats roam free, and they go off to hunt for fun, killing birds, insects, and reptiles. Cameras in the village have caught cats doing this many times. People have linked extinctions of some animals with prolific hunting by cats.

Dr Marra says 63 species extinctions around the world are now linked to the booming cat populations. “It sounds extreme,” Dr. Marra says “But it really is a big deal”. Conservation scientists have also long warned about the impact of feral and outdoor cats on the global eco system – and they’ve been ranked among the 100 worst non-native invasive species in the world. He also believes that cat owners should take more responsibility of their cats. According to some, it’s our fault this is happening. They say maybe if people treated cats more like dogs, we wouldn’t be having this problem. Like not letting them roam free outside, having a leash, and keeping them in the back yard or inside.


Cat lovers in the village told local media they were “shocked” by the proposed ban, and residents have until October to feedback their views on the plan. Anyone who does not comply with the new ruler, will get a notice. If they still do not want to give up their cat, the authorities will have to forcefully remove the pet as a last resort.

My suggestion, if you’re a big time cat lover, don’t move to New Zealand. You might just get your cat taken away!