Jeffree Star’s Ex-Friendships Get a Mouthfull Of Karma


Samantha Valdez, Reporter

Before I start this article I’m warning you, this is a wild ride full of apology videos, crazy tweets, lots of shade, and of course lots of tea. So hang in there I promise to make this as smooth of a ride as I can.

Lets travel back in time to November 17th 2017, Jeffree Star posted this:

“Walking into my ex-best friends funeral like… 💋.”

And at first everyone thought Jeffree was referring to his Best Friend at the time Manny MUA. Later on the posted a picture together on Snapchat, captioned “Catching up.” So that ended the rumors, but people still wondered who the tweet was meant for.

Six days later on November 21st 2017 Jeffree threw even more shade, once again he went to Twitter and posted,

“Recently I’ve grown as a person, been working on myself.. and I’ve removed a lot of negative people from my life. Just know that I am in a really amazing place mentally and I’m the happiest I’ve been in months 😍.”

Later that same day he tweeted yet again and said this:

“The beauty community has turned into such an ugly place full of evil people… I’ve learned some really big life lessons lately the hard way

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and I’m just thankful I have all of you guys, Nate and my family.”

So then fans were like, wait a minute who is Jeffree talking about, they concluded that if he wasn’t talking about Many MUA, it had to be about the third member of there friendship Laura Lee. Then a fan commented on Jeffree’s tweet saying:

“I hope it isn’t Laura. She may be a little nervy but she’s got a good soul.”

Okay here comes the major shade, Jeffree replied to the fan’s comment by saying:

“You know nothing about her personality. Her soul is pure evil.”

Laura Lee didn’t directly post anything as a way of clapping back to Jeffree’s tweets but instead she liked several of her fans tweets where they claimed Jeffree as a bad guy.

“I am DISGUSTED. I had to leave a beauty group I’ve been a part of for years today. I don’t care what some grown dramatic man who can’t keep a friendship wants to tweet about @Laura88Lee she has ALWAYS been my favorite. 🗣🗣 I am NOT here for this.”

Okay well that’s that okay, and this was a year ago, now this is what happened recently….

On August 1st Youtuber Shane Dawson released a small series he made with Jeffree Star, at some point throughout the series Shane and Jeffree got real about friendships, and how much they have affected and changed Jeffree as a person. So Jeffree opened up and said this, “It’s not like I need to have the last word I just don’t like when there’s misinformation, with my ex-friends people still don’t really know what went on, why do I feel like they need to know, because there’s so many versions of what never happened out there and for some reason I don’t want to be portrayed as that. Still, half the people still think I’m the bad guy when I only loved and cared about all these people and boosted them up, I gave them all my connections and I’m still the ******* bad guy and its like how, how do you even trust the next friend? You know what I mean?”

A few days later Gabriel Zamora posted a picture of himself along with Laura Lee, Manny MUA, and Nikita Dragun where all four of them were flipping off the camera. The picture came along with a caption which said, “Bi**h is bitter cause without him we’re doing better.” Clearly everyone thought Gabriel was going after Jeffree and they were quick to attack.

Gabriel then posted even more shade saying, “Imagine stanning a racist? I could never.” He was referring to Jeffree’s racist past, and then IT ALL GOT WORSE….

Jeffree has a huge army of fans so when Gabriel Zamora posted about Jeffree’s racist past fans were quick to start digging up things him and the rest of the crew had posted.

First they found a tweet Laura Lee posted which said, “Tip for all black people if you pull ur pants up you can run

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from the police faster..” Along with other scandalous tweets, shortly after Laura Lee posted a exaggeratedly tearful apology video, where she apologized to her fans for her racists tweets and also apologizing to Jeffree.

Manny MUA’s apology video wasn’t really an apology it was more of like, oh Gabriel posted it and I didn’t know he

was gonna do that. So the internet got PISSED….. they claimed that Manny was just throwing Laura and Manny under the bus and that his video wasn’t an apology at all.

Later on Gabriel Zamora also posted hos own apology video and he dropped an absolute BOMBSHELL…. First he

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apologized to Jeffree and said when they took the picture they never meant to do it in a hurtful way against him, but that the caption was meant for him and he apologized. Finally someone had apologized and took blame… Then at the end of the video Gabriel dropped the tea, and said he had been wanting to cut Manny out of his life ever since he threw Laura under the bus, and not only that but that in between the Jeffree and Manny feud he was in fact Team Jeffree.

Jeffree star has yet to comment about all this drama. When he talked about his ex-friends on Shane Dawson’s series he said he was always scared to open up about everything real that happened in his life because people would judge him for it, and that they would turn it into something ugly. But anyways the internet is waiting for a response from Jeffree and waiting for a resolutions to this conflict.