Go Here Before You Die


Marcela Marcial, Beat Investigator - Featured Athlete

The world is filled with beautiful and amazing places to go see. There’s so many once-in-a-lifetime adventures to put on your bucket list. Here is a list of the top 5 places to visit before you die.

1.) Havasu Falls in Supai, Arizona

Image from Insider

Havasu Falls is known to be a “blue water paradise” according to Insider. Havasu Falls is located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon with 5 waterfalls, “all with bright turquoise waters.” You can swing on a rope and jump off cliffs into the water. To get there, you can either take a helicopter or hike 10 miles. Camp near the beautiful waterfalls and if you’re not much of a camper, there’s the Havasupai village that has a lodge to stay over night. If you are planning to go, you’ll have to make a reservation months ahead.

2.) The IceHotel in Sweden

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The IceHotel is entirely made out of ice, from walls to plates, it’s all ice. It’s made out of “snice” which means snow and ice. It’s a world famous hotel and art exhibition, located 200 kilometers north of The Arctic Circle in a small village called Jukkasjärvi in Sweden. This hotel is open all year around. If you can’t bear to stay the night in a cold room in a sleeping bag on an ice bed, the hotel has warm rooms as well – for an extra cost. The hotel serves five-course meals on ice dishware and has an “icebar” where guest can enjoy drinks in cups made of…well, ice.

3.) Glacier Melts in British Columbia, Canada

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The only way you can go to the glacier melts is by helicopter. The fun adventure starts from Abbotsford or Vancouver in Canada. In the summer the snow melts and creates rivers on top of the glaciers so it allows people to go kayaking. Other activities include paddle boarding in the Glacial Lake, exploring the caves in the glaciers, and lastly camping in front of a glacier. People who visited the glacier melts said that the best time to go is in June because the water is more of a pretty blue.

4.) Tulum, Mexico

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Tulum is known for its sinkholes that are called “cenotes” that you can swim in and go snorkeling. Beach-front Hotels and restaurants are along the Caribbean coastline so visitors can enjoy the sunset. There are many activities like swimming with sea turtles on the Akumal beach, taking a boat or a ferry to an island called Isla Mujeries, and zip lining over the jungle at Xplor.

5.) The Edge Bali Resort in Bali, Indonesia

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This island is known for its volcano and for their “breathtaking pools”, like the glass-bottom Infinity Pool that “dangles over the edge of a cliff” (500 feet above the ocean). It doesn’t end there – have breakfast in the pool known as a floating breakfast, and relax at the resort’s spa with water floors and a beautiful view.