Bird Box Is Taking Over Social Media


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Marcela Marcial, Beat Investigator - Feature Athele

You’ve most likely heard about the movie Bird Box, seen the memes and seen the challenge that came from the movie. Well, Bird Box is a movie that came out this month that instantly went viral.

The movie Bird Box was released on December 13, 2018, on Netflix. It’s about a “mysterious force” that first showed up in Romania, causing unexplained mass suicides. The “mysterious force” quickly spread to Europe, Siberia, and the US, where the movie takes place. When a person looks at the “mysterious force” it instantly makes you go crazy and then commit suicide.

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Bird Box is about two people trying to survive from the horrible events that are happening. Sandra Bullock plays the role of the main character, Malorie, along with Trevante Rhodes who plays Tom. Malorie, Tom, and a few other people ran to a house for safety from the “mysterious face.” They couldn’t go outside without being blindfolded.

Bird Box first started with the memes of Malorie being blindfolded…

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Then to the rest of the characters in the movie…

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Bird Box got a lot of attention to the fact that they were blindfolded while living their lives. And of course, with the power of the internet, the #BirdBoxChallenge was created and went viral. People all over the world participated in this challenge. How the challenge works is by doing your daily tasks while being blindfolded. People who work in restaurants did this challenge by wearing a blindfold while taking someone’s order. Others would try washing the dishes and try to leave their house while being blindfolded. It’s as simple as that until you decide to be Jake Paul and go for a drive while being blindfolded…