Crushing the Modeling Game

Denise Najera, Sports Recorder

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In the U.S., we are seeing more and more models embracing their curvy sides with fashion industries beginning to call for more “realistic, everyday-woman” models. Magazines are trying to convey the message of empowerment – women should love themselves and they;re encouraging people not be ashamed of themselves with body positivity. Sadly although we are seeing these amazing changes, some places just still won’t see eye to eye.

A lot of this body shaming is mostly spread throughout Asia. Asia has always had a bad reputation on how “the perfect body shape” should be, which has the women typically always looking very lean and tall with long arms and just overall skinny. South Korea especially has been one place that has a “thinness above all” motto.  There, the starting point for “plus-size,” or extra-large, is a Korean size 66, the equivalent of a U.S. women’s 8according to Racked.

But one woman hopes to change that all. Her name? Taylor Tak. Her goal? To change the unrealistic beauty standard a Korean woman is expected to live up to.


Tak is 26-years-old and currently is a part of only a handful of curvy models or “plus size” models. Although, many of these models prefer to be called curvy models, people in Korea still haven’t caught on to the label. “In South Korea, they’d call me fat, not curvy,” Tak told HuffPost. “Curvy there is basically a slim, thick body ― no belly, big boobs and big butt. So many girls are working hard for A 4-size waist, no-thigh-gaps, long and thin arms.” But Tak is doing an amazing job at getting people to notice her not for her size but for her beauty.

Queen Size Magazine

So far, Tak has posed for publications such as Cosmopolitan Korea and Queen Size Magazine and has worked with clothing brands including Fashion Nova, Curvy Sense, Hotping and Romwe. You go girl! ❤🙌

Taylor Tak first got her break when a photographer randomly approached her one day and asked if he could take her picture. She was reluctant at first but eventually agreed and ended up taking about 50-60 pictures. Tak says she just loved being in front of the camera. From then on she began doing modeling jobs and “promoting body positivity”.

“My hope is that young girls see my photos and realize that your weight and your size don’t define your self-worth,” Tak said. “Losing weight shouldn’t be your life goal. You’re not born to just lose weight. You don’t have to change your look for a happier life.”

Stories and inspiring people like her are what we really need these days. Changing for the better is a great thing. Girls, don’t be ashamed of who you are or what you look like. Either your big or small, tall or short, your beautiful inside AND out. Never forget that.🌹

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