Santa Clarita Diet Review

Image from Slash Film

Image from Slash Film

Amanda Mourelatos, Associate Editor-in-Chief

Santa Clarita Diet is a Netflix show starring Drew Barrymore as Sheila and Timothy Olyphant as Joel; it’s about a normal mom and loving wife… that just so happens to eat humans. If you enjoy comedies, romances, or thrillers, this is a show for you. It’s filled with witty remarks that adds a splash of comedy, lots of gore because eating people is a very exposed activity, and a little bit of romance between Joel and Sheila’s daughter, Abby, and the neighbor’s son, Eric. There are 3 seasons so far, and the last one ended in pools of blood.

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Quick recap of season 3: Joel is debating whether or not he wants to be like Sheila and live for eternity with her. The Knights of Serbia are people who live to kill “zombies”, and those people happen to be after a known zombie in Santa Clarita, so Joel becomes a Knight to protect Sheila. However, they run into a bit of trouble when a “friend” of Joel’s, Ron, forces Gary to bite him and make him undead. Ron goes around saying he is undead and bites numerous people. Two of those happen to be working for this guy that experiments on the undead, which led him straight to Joel and Sheila. They wound up killing him. Mr. Ball Legs also went inside Joel’s ear, causing him to either die or pass out, and Sheila bit him.

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First of all, I love this show. The different aspects of it are incredibly creative and puts me on the edge of my seat for every episode. One of my favorite things about the new season is how Anne is so involved in Sheila and Joel’s crimes because she thinks it’s what God put her on Earth to do: to help Sheila rid the bad people from this world. She forces herself into their lives so much, it actually puts some of Sheila’s food to waste and I think that’s funny. Another one of my favorite things is Abby and Eric’s relationship. Sure, I’m a sucker for some good romance, but their relationship is really cute. They became friends by blowing up a fracking site, and began to like each other because they were faking a relationship. Goals, right? One thing that shocked me was how Joel fainted/passed out/died after Mr. Ball Legs went in his ear. Mr. Ball Legs, overall, is the most mysterious thing about the show to me, but I didn’t expect Mr. Ball Legs to be able to go in his ear and have such an effect on him by doing so. Anyways, Santa Clarita Diet is a show worth watching (and getting grossed out about).

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