Mr. Dennis’ Departure


Mr. Dennis' staff picture taken in the summer of 2017

Jordan Myers, Entertainment Editor

If you’ve ever been loud and annoying in the lower 200 building, then you’ve probably been yelled at by English teacher, Mr. Dennis. But, the classroom next to the girls’ bathroom will be losing our hallway cop.  After just three years at Sahuaro, Mr. Dennis is sadly leaving, it’s time for him to go… He first started out at Sahuaro as Ms. Lange’s student teacher and then was hired full-time, teaching insolent freshmen for two whole years.

He has decided to take a job elsewhere due to reasons that are frankly none of our business and for a fresh start, but he has not yet decided which job he is going to take. “I started looking for a new job about 3 months ago and I have job offers here, in Phoenix, and New Mexico, where I was born. New Mexico is partly off of the table but it’s always a possibility since I have family there.” Mr. Dennis enjoys moving. After all, he finds it exciting since his father served in the Navy and so did he for eleven years, which means he has moved often in his life. Fun fact: He was at one point living in Japan. “I was born in New Mexico but we moved around a lot since my father was in the Navy. We ended up in Arizona after my father took a job as a recruiter in Prescott and we eventually got here, in Tucson.”

Mr. Dennis hard at work.

Tucson’s weather and location will be missed but not Arizona’s government! Mr. Dennis (oddly) likes Arizona’s quite bipolar weather since he’s used to it. As for the government, he feels that Arizona’s government is not as there for their teachers as they really should be.

Mr. Dennis’ first day at Sahuaro was a bit hectic: “My very first day was during summer school and there was a mistake up in the office and I ended up with like fifty (not very good kids) in my classroom on the first day of summer school…let’s just say it was a tough day,” Mr. Dennis recalls.

How did Mr. Dennis even end up teaching? After eleven years in the Navy with a Bachelor’s Degree in his passion, creative writing, he decided to be a teacher. “I figured no one was going to hire me with a degree in Creative Writing, so I got a master’s in teaching and got hired on as a teacher. I think I made the right decision. I love working with kids and especially for that “oh” moment from my students when they understand what I’m teaching, it’s the best.

For all of Mr. Dennis’ past or current students, he encourages you to stay busy. “Stop being lazy and just do your best every day,” he said.

“Thank you for everything you have done for me, a lot of other teachers have helped me a lot and I am so grateful for you all,” Mr. Dennis thanks all of his coworkers.

“Mr. Dennis is a really nice teacher but he doesn’t play around and I think he really wants all of his students to do their work and just succeed. He’s funny, nice, and just a cool person to talk to. My favorite memory in his class has to be when one of the girls in our class sprayed perfume, which he does not enjoy at all, and he acted like he was throwing a baby tantrum and his facial expressions were just really funny. I’m definitely going to miss having him as a teacher,” Alex Herman, a current student of Mr. Dennis’ says.

“I’m sure that going from student teaching seniors with me to brand new freshmen was a shell-shocker! I’ll always be available to dole out advice if he ever needs it – it’s what I do best. :)” said Ms. Lange.

Mr. Dennis plans on spending his last days in Tucson/Sahuaro in total relaxation. Thank you for everything you have done for us here at Sahuaro! We wish you good luck with your new job and journey!