This Year’s Star Football Player

Jamir Gasaway

This Years Star Football Player

Jordan Ford, Reporter

It’s the 4th quarter, everyone’s eyes are on you, the pressures on you to make this winning touch down. That is the pressure this year’s star football player, Jamir, faces. Jamir Gasaway, a 17-year-old junior at Sahuaro has been playing football since the age of 4. “Football means a whole bunch to me. I’m really just trying to get

out of Tucson and help out my family.”  After high school, Jamir’s football career won’t end.  He sees a future with the sport and wants to continue playing in college at a higher level. He sees football as a way out and something that will help him better his future.

Jayslimee having fun

Being an athlete isn’t the easiest, especially when you have to balance academics, practice, and a social life. Jamir being the star football player adds even more stress to him this year, especially since the varsity football team last year made it to championships, which is also their plan for this year. As anyone would wonder, how do you balance with all that stress and how would that affect a player’s academics? “Since grades are due every 4 weeks, I have to maintain my grades in order to be eligible to play.” Having a good relationship with your teammates on the other hand is also important due to the fact you’re around each other 24/7.  “We all get along and like to have fun.” Having a strong relationship with your team means a good team and also a second family to feel like a part of.


Junior year is one of the most important years of high school and starting it off finding out you’re the star player would be good news to anyone. “Since I’m a junior I didn’t think it would be me, I thought it would be like Ahmad or Davis (Isaiah Davis).”  Now as the season continues we will all be looking to see where number 4 (or Jayslimee as he likes to be called) is during all of this year’s football games.