Pentatonix- An Acapella Group Worth Checking Out

Pentatonix- An Acapella Group Worth Checking Out

Mariana Flores, Beat Investigator

Pentatonix is a Texas-based Acapella group. They went from being a Sing-Off contestant, to recording music on an IPad ,to a three-time Grammy award winner.

How did the group come about? It was all from one trio originally from Arlington, Texas who loved to sing everything they said. When asked how they grew their interest in singing, vocalist Scott said, “You know, we were always in choir together and we sang a lot there, but we also had a group of friends, and we had an assigned day of the week, and each day we would make a parody of that day.” The trio decided to pursue a legitimate career out of their singing.

After graduation, the trio, Scott, Mitch, and Kirsti set off to go find 2 other members for their group. They found a bass vocalist at a coffee shop where Scott and another one of his friends were going to meet at. His name was Avi, and Scott instantly knew that they were going to let him in the group. They found a beatboxer on YouTube, and he was willing to fly out and join the group.

After being featured on a few episodes of the Sing-Off and winning, they got a $20,000 contract to move out of Texas. They went on world tour soon after. They have learned how to speak in Japanese, French, and Spanish since then.

Avi was in the group for 6 years and well-loved by his band-mates. After 6 years, before a tour started, he had informed the group that he wanted to pursue a solo career. His last show was in Junction, Vermont and it was an emotional show for the group as well as the fans.

After Avi left, he was replaced by Matt Sallee. Pentatonix is still alive and has many days to come. They are still going on tour and they love being in a group together!