She Shoots…She Scores!!


Alais Alzaga, Media Arts Editor

The girls JV soccer team is often overlooked, but their accomplishments should be applauded. Scoring 4-2, on January 16th against Mountain View, the girls soccer team scored a great win.

Playing in 45 degree rainy weather isn’t pleasant for most, especially when you get so cold it’s hard to even move. The fields get so wet that your cleats stick into the mud, slowing you down significantly. But our team persisted. Rain means rebounds. It’s something a goalkeeper dreads but a forward appreciates. The first shot might not make it in, but it often slips from the keeper’s hands giving the extra chance for offense to score. Sopping wet and freezing, players like freshman Altaira Garibay and sophomore Anabelle Parker made fantastic runs and shots on goal. Everyone played well but sophomore, Melany Ballesteros was the offense MVP. Defense players like Lily George and Coraly Felicie were the defense MVPs. Lia Ghiradi stated, “We played hard, we got those shots, and played to the whistle. We came off the field with a great win.” While Leah Cielo said, ” We improved on a lot of things that we worked hard on in practice. We are growing as a team and I am very proud.”

Defense was holding strong, making far clearances across the field while our offense made fantastic runs and shots on goals. The team has grown significantly, learning from any of our mistakes and becoming a stronger team not just technically but socially. There is a true sense of teamwork and support felt while playing on this team. You know your teammates have your back, which is one of the best feelings in the world. This teamwork helped us win the game. We also have fun on the field – the more fun, the better we do.