How Art Class Is Still Creating


Kimbley’s example of their current at-home art project.

Amanda Mourelatos, Editor in Chief

Regular core classes have a much easier time assigning work online than fine arts teachers do. This includes the art teachers, who may struggle to assign their students projects; how will they keep their students creating?

One of Sahuaro’s art teachers, Kate Kimbley, said, “That is something we are figuring out as we go!” Since the students may not have the same materials as usual at their homes, Ms. Kimbley had to get creative. She looked up various projects on Google, and her and Mr. Long came up with ideas on how to proceed with art class from home. For example, the students will be creating a color wheel with found objects around their house and send in pictures to Ms. Kimbley. The twelve colors needed are red, red-violet, violet, blue-violet, blue, blue-green, green, yellow-green, yellow, yellow-orange, orange, and red-orange.

As far as digital art goes, the art classes will not be going in that direction for a couple reasons. One, not all students have the technology needed for digital art. Another reason is Kimbley does not teach it. Also, the discrepancy between the digital art skills her student may or may not possess is all over the place. However, all art projects will be posted on Sahuaro’s art instagram account (@artatsahuaro).

Often when large global issues arise, forms of art take that into account and create through photography, painting, writing, etc. That being said, will Sahuaro’s art students incorporate the current pandemic into their artwork? Well, Kimbley said, “I toggle back and forth between wanting to give them an avenue to express how they feel about the virus and the quarantine, and wanting to give them an escape from the subject, since that is all everyone is talking about. As of this moment, none of my plans for them include anything having to do with it, but that may change.”

If you’re interested in seeing art at Sahuaro, check out the Instagram page. Stay safe and keep creating!