The Rise of Leanna Firestone!


Aspen Lenox, Reporter

Leanna Firestone is a wonderful, talented 20-year-old up-and-coming artist from Cookeville, TN. Leanna has over half a million TikTok followers and 13K Instagram followers. She dropped her first song, “Strawberry Mentos”  back in 2020, and it now has over 3 million streams! Her debut EP was tilted “Y/N” in 2021 with six tracks. She does post a lot more shorter one-minute songs on TikTok as well.

Her newest single “Diet Coke” was recently dropped on September 17th. “Diet Coke” is about Leanna opening up about her hard struggle with an eating disorder, and wanting to be thinner. The chorus of the song is,
“I’ll change my body and my hobbies
Switch from regular to diet
Used to wonder if being skinny would be worth it if I could die from it.”

Throughout the song, she talks about things she did that she thought she would be smarter back in high school. In the second verse, she sings,

“Nothing feels as good as water on an empty stomach
Chewing sugar-free gum to try and curb my hunger
All my friends tell me I’m more than just “some stupid number”
But nothing will taste as good as being small for summer.”

Leanna still struggles with the way she perceives herself to this day, and writing this song is her way of persevering through it. Her cover art for the song is her drinking Diet Coke back in high school.

This isn’t the only heavy topic Leanna has written a song about. A lot of her songs cover heavy topics like mental health, toxic relationships, and sexuality. She finds writing to be her output for all she feels, and being so vulnerable in her own music helps others relate. She touches a lot of peoples’ hearts through her music, and the world isn’t ready for what she has in store next!

Leanna talks about her single “Diet Coke” more in-depth on the “Talking Lion” podcast in episode 63 and her EP on her own youtube channel Leanna Firestone.