The History Behind Valentine’s Day



All across the world, we all love Valentine’s Day, a day to spend with people you love. Traditionally celebrated with chocolate, candy hearts, and cards, but how did it become that? Well lets find out. It originated as a Christian festival honoring a Christian martyr . In the year 269, Saint Valentine was murdered for his religious views and refusing to deny his God.

It is said right before he was decapitated, he restored vision and hearing for his jailor’s deaf and blind daughter. The Catholic church was very upset about his death as it was a threat to be Christian or Catholic, going against Emperor Claudius wishes. Instead of denying his faith and being able to live, he chose to give up his life just so he could stand for what he believed in. As it is unfortunate that a good man lost his life that day, he has become an inspiration for the church of God and many others to stand up for themselves and for what they believe in, no matter the consequence. Instead of mourning his death, they decided to celebrate his life with happiness and love. Now every February 14th instead of being saddened by his death, we celebrate love all around the world no matter your religion, ethnicity, or political views. We can all gather on one day and show our appreciation for one another being in our lives.