Show review: The Girl From Plainville


Kaya Wilkowski, Reporter

The Girl From Plainville is a show that is based on a true homicide case of a boy named Conrad Roy and a girl named Michelle Carter (his girlfriend). In the beginning, we are shown texts between Michelle and Conrad establishing the nature of their relationship. Conrad is an 18-year-old boy who feels he is alone in the world and no one truly understands him until he meets a girl named Michelle. She is a girl who seems like her life is perfect and she has it all together but she struggles mentally to feel valued by others, making her crave attention. She will do anything to get it, even kill her boyfriend…

The show quickly takes a dark turn when we find out Conrad had taken his own life with the encouragement of Michelle, which the world has yet to find out. When Conrad is found, he is in the parking lot of a Kmart, in his truck, deceased. It is quickly ruled as a suicide, but when an investigator looks into his case a bit closer, he finds something contradicting that theory. Detective Scott Gordon finds text messages from Michelle to Conrad strongly influencing him to take his own life. Unfortunately for Conrad and his family, assisted suicide is not illegal in the state of Massachusetts. But was Conrad’s death assisted suicide or was he pushed to kill himself so Michelle can be the grieving girlfriend and have all the attention on her?

This show takes a case that has been told over and over again and sheds new light and perspective from the side of a girl we can all relate to and have us view her as a mentally ill teenage girl and not just a monster who killed her boyfriend. I like how it brings awareness to mental health and shows many different perspectives on it and how it affects people personally, and how it affects friends and family around the victims.