Erza Miller Can’t Stay Out of Trouble


Montana Poe, Sports Editor

Erza Miller,  best known for his acting role as Barry Allen in the Justice League movie and for starring in other different movies such as Fantastic Beasts, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and his upcoming movie The Flash, is facing repeated legal issues. He is faced with felony burglary charges in court and is also facing up to 26 years in prison if he is convicted. This will be a long and hard time for his career, especially considering his new social status as the new Flash.

If found guilty, Erza Miller’s career will be at a halt for the foreseeable future. In March, after an alleged altercation at a Hawaii karaoke bar, he was arrested in Hawaii. Then the following month, after being accused of throwing a chair at a woman, he was charged with assault. Finally, three months later in August of 2022, he was accused of breaking into his neighbor’s house and stealing booze. For all of these charges, he is in a very vulnerable and very tight spot, and this will inevitably end badly.

The video that shows Erza’s altercation in Hawaii and his assaulting the woman with the chair is still out there. He has worked very hard for his career, but later this year he has utterly destroyed it. Erza said, “I want to apologize to everyone that I have alarmed and upset with my past behavior.” This however does not change what he has been charged with and how it will affect his career.