The Best Super Bowl In History?


James Force, Sports Editor

On February 12, millions of Americans witnessed the future GOAT, Patrick Mahomes, play one of the – if not the greatest – Super Bowl of all time.

The Philadelphia Eagles played the Kansas City Chiefs and it was one of the most entertaining Super Bowls of all time. The Juggernaut Eagles with a defense that put up the 3rd most sacks of all time in a season and a high-powered run game with Jalen Hurts, proved to be a formidable opponent, but Patrick Mahomes led the Chiefs to victory. Going into the game, everyone was picking the Eagles to win the game and while not discounting Mahomes’ ability, thought that the Eagles were so much better that they could take Mahomes head-on. This did not prove to be true as the Chiefs beat the Eagles with a game-winning field goal making the score 38-35 and ending arguably the greatest Super Bowl of all time.

Toward the end of the game, the referees made a controversial call that was on the more risky side. By the rule, it was technically a flag, but a lot of fans are outraged because that call almost certainly ended the game and it was barely a hold offense anyway. Whether it was a hold or not, it doesn’t matter because Patrick Mahomes won his 2nd ring and fans are now saying he has a chance to catch Tom Brady. Mahomes has the best chance out of anyone no doubt, but saying that he will pass Brady is a huge stretch and even though it’s possible, it’s very and highly unlikely. Whether he passes Brady or not, and whether it was a hold or not, the Chiefs are a dynasty and it’s looking like they will win even more Super Bowls than they already have.