Did They Find Their Perfect Match?


Cymona Abellard, Reporter

On February 14th, 2023, Netflix released a new reality tv series called Perfect Match with Nick Lachey as the host. It is essentially just about a bunch of men and women from previously released reality shows, in a house together on the beach in Panama, trying to find their “perfect match.” The season starts out with 5 boys and 5 girls, and in the first episode, they hang out, get to know each other a little bit, and then match up.

The following day when everyone wakes up, there is a “compatibility challenge”, and the couple that wins gets their own private date and control of the house. After their date, they are sent into the board room, where there is a giant tablet-looking table with all of the matched couples’ faces on the bottom, and then 4 single people on the top (either 4 males or 4 females depending on the week). The goal is to send 2 of the singles on a date with 2 people already matched in the house.

After the couple that won sends these 4 people on 2 different dates, they all come into the house, and let’s say the 2 singles they chose from the top row were females, resulting in 7 girls and 5 guys being in the house, the boys would have the “power” and at the end of the night, the 2 final girls (in this situation) would be kicked out of the house; leaving just the 5 matched couples. Then it restarts and switches to bringing in 2 single guys the next time.

After this happens for most of the 12 episodes, they get to the final compatibility challenge and the winners again have a date, but when they get to the board room, they have 2 single girls and 2 single guys to pick from to “switch it up.” After the dates, and they are all back in the house, the host brings in every person that has been in the house throughout the season to test the couple’s trust in each other. Then the last 5 couples match up and the finale begins.

During the finale, you get to see them on their last dates during the show and get to see how they really feel about each other. Then after some talking, they all vote and pick who the “perfect match” is. That couple gets a free trip to anywhere in the world to spend together as a new couple and bragging rights to say they were the perfect match.

This show was very drama filled and exciting to watch especially when you have already seen the reality shows they were previously on because you kind of know their tendencies. I am a huge fan of reality tv shows even though they can be cringe and annoying, and if you feel the same way I definitely recommend watching this new series on Netflix.