Never Too Old For Halloween


Raina Peters, Reporter

It’s that time of year when every vacant building is taken over by Spirit Halloween, crowded with little kids choosing their costumes for the year. Halloween is thought to be a holiday of children dressing up for free candy, too lame for anyone in high school to participate in. In my opinion, I don’t know how anyone could consider themselves too old for Halloween. Why pass up the opportunity for free candy? Most think it’s embarrassing to still dress up, but don’t mind dressing up for spirit week with an extreme get-up they could pass off for a Halloween costume.

Everyone talks about how excited they are for Halloween and dressing up, but very few actually follow through on going out to trick-or-treat to embrace the spirit of Halloween and instead head out to parties. I find it funny when adults see teenagers out trick-or-treating and give them a hard time about it. Why not let them stay a kid at heart where they aren’t causing any harm, instead of discouraging them, and the only thing they have left to do for fun that night is head to a party and get themselves in trouble? No one should ever choose to skip out on trick-or-treating because they are embarrassed of getting an outfit, afraid of their classmates giving them a hard time, or are worried some grumpy old guy who doesn’t even want to be giving out the candy in the first place is telling them they are too old.

If anything is holding anyone back from trick-or-treating they need to forget about what others think and go out and have fun. An age limit was never put on Halloween, no one is too old to celebrate. Parties can’t compare to dressing up with your friends and asking friendly strangers for free candy. So go out and enjoy Halloween this year.