Sarahah – The Anonymous Review Link Taking Snapchat by Storm


Avery Miller , Reporter

Anonymous messaging….. Is this power good or bad? After the app got submitted in the app store it has been on the “trending list” for weeks. Teens have been taking the link and adding it to their Snapchat Stories – where all of your “friends” and followers have the power to give their opinion without revealing their identity. The real question is whether this power is bringing out the good in each person, or tearing them down one hateful comment after another.

The app was originally made to give feedback to co-workers and intended as a positive feedback source and to make the community better. Many people have been getting nice comments that boost self esteem, and also point out parts of each person that can use work. Multiple people have admitted that the app has been beneficial and pointed out things that they can fix for the better.

On the other hand, one comment can tear down an individual and make them self-conscious and wonder, “who wrote this about me?”. Other sources think that this is just a freedom that can be abused. Internet bullying is already a big problem in high schools around the country, so why give them another tool to slander individuals. “I don’t understand why people think this is important information to know, it will probably be for worse,” Alyssa Urff, Junior stated. A Google Play Store reviewer commented her friend attempted to commit suicide because of what the app said to her. Is the risk of hurtful comments enough to see what the community thinks of you?