The End Of Logan Paul?

The End Of Logan Paul?

Samarah Peters , freshman Liason

Logan Paul is a successful and popular YouTube vlogger, or… he was.

Logan and a group of friends went on a trip to Japan and decided that they would ‘respect the culture’ while they were there. That promise didn’t last very long before he started throwing Pokémon balls at the Japanese citizens around him. Paul also threw himself at cars in Japan, took selfies with random people without their permission. After that, he got an extremely expensive valuable that he smashed onto the ground, breaking it inside the store.

The infamous blogger posted one of his most disliked videos on December 31, 2017 after going into Aokigahara forest, known throughout Japan as the “suicide forest.” This forest is where many people have gone to commit suicide, so unsurprisingly, they came across a deceased male.

Because the suicide problem in the forest is so prevalent, the entrance of the forest actually a sign reminds visitors that “life is a precious gift.” They also add, “Quietly think once more about your parents, siblings or children,” the sign says in Japanese.

“Please don’t suffer alone, and first reach out,” Logan laughed at the body, blurring out the man’s face and freaking out dramatically. To make matters even worse, he used the image  of the man as clickbait for his video.

Various people contacted YouTube and reported the video. Still, YouTube took over a week to respond about the problem.“Many of you have been frustrated with our lack of communication recently. You’re right to be. You deserve to know what’s going on. Like many others, we were upset by the video that was shared last week. Suicide is not a joke, nor should it ever be a driving force for views,” YouTube tweeted on Tuesday, January 9th.

Though YouTube plans on giving Logan a more mature punishment, they are not likely to delete his channel because he uses YouTube as a platform to make a living. They did not hesitate, however, to delete his movie called The Thinning off of YouTube Red. Logan Paul apologized in a video, glancing at the letter in his phone’s notes, but he only says sorry once.

People have been tagging him in memes of suicide, yelling at him, and even standing outside his home. They have been telling him to delete his channel, or that he should be removed. Some people even have the guts to tell him to kill himself. Many people are bullying Logan for what he did, regardless of how tactless it was – even after he had said sorry. His apology, weak as it may have been, was still an apology nonetheless.

Logan Paul’s YouTube account was not taken down, but he is no longer on the popular page. Multiple stories are circulating about Logan, but we won’t entirely see his point of view until Logan returns to social media, which could be 6-8 months according to YouTube and his manager.