The World’s Safest Backpack – Bulletproof

The Worlds Safest Backpack - Bulletproof

Jordan Myers, Entertainment Editor

After numerous school shootings, a law enforcement professional has invented a bulletproof backpack that doubles as a vest. On every backpack, removable lightweight inserts of fabric called Kevlar are pieced together to create the part of the backpack that touches the back. It is likely that in a school shooting students will be running away from the shooter like they’re instructed to, but if they happen to be facing the shooter, there is a front-facing feature made just for it. The vest is quick and easy to put on. All you need to do is pull on a red tab to unzip the middle. Then, you place the backpack over your head, onto your chest, and cinch some ties on the sides for a tight fit. The backpack doesn’t have to be on the chest or back but can also be held in front of the head for protection. Pricing starts around $130 and can be bought online. If you wish to purchase the product, make sure it says GuardDog on it. Guard Dog is the company who produces the backpack.  The backpack has been tested many times and has proven to be effective against almost every gun except for assault-style weaponry like an AR-15.