The Game Market In A Battle Royale


Caleb Pendleton, Op-Ed Editor

In the past year of 2019, as well as 2018, games by the genre of Battle Royale have increased in popularity drastically. A Battle Royale game is a game where players start from square one like in a plane or a flying bus and with luck and skill they must progress and eliminate other players in the match using various items in the battlefield. If you have ever heard of The Hunger Games, these kinds of games have the same concept. All of these games started to get popular because of Fortnite becoming very popular in the beginning of 2018. Since then there has been a countless amount of game titles like Fortnite such as H1Z1, “Black Out” from Black Ops 4, and most recently Apex Legends.

What makes these games so popular though? In my opinion the concept of pure luck and skill is what most players like in these games. Being able to show how much skill you have on the battlefield even when you have the worst loot in the game is very satisfying. Having variety to every game also adds a different story every time you play. Some of these games like Fortnite¬† haven’t really changed. This makes players and myself very bored of the game because of constant similarity of outcome. The game Apex Legends recently came out and this game has overpowered Fortnite and become the most popular game on the market.

Apex legends is similar to PUBG where you get to add attachments to your guns which you cannot do in Fortnite. Apex also rewards you with showing how many kills you have or other stats to all the players where you won’t need to only worry about getting wins to be happy, but eliminations as well. They also have better game mechanics like movement of players, a Kill leader that you must find and kill and even high balloons in the sky that let you fly around the map.

Because of Apex being so popular I have noticed that Fortnite is trying to get back to the top by giving players free things like gliders, emotes, and even a free battle pass if you complete the recent challenges that they released. Popular Fortnite players and streamers like Ninja, Dr. Lupo, and even Shroud have gone to Apex Legends and haven’t been playing Fortnite recently. I do not think Fortnite will ever become as big as it once was but it will still have many players on the game. In my opinion, if Fortnite brought back the old days like season two I would definitely go back to play some more but at this point I am fed up with all the extra items, challenges and skins they add so I have just moved on to play Apex Legends instead.

Both of these games are free, and crazy enough they make more money than other games in the market. How do they do this though? Both Fortnite and Apex Legends have a market place within the store for players to buy skins or emotes or any of the above to better improve your cosmetics but not skills or game plays. EA which is the producer of Ape Legends also has a bad reputation with making players pay to advance in a game making players not want to play their games. They have not shown any signs of this in Apex Legends but EA may make us players eventually buy extra maps or overpriced battle passes.