Ladies, Let’s Stop Writing on the Bathroom Walls

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Ladies, Let’s Stop Writing on the Bathroom Walls

Emma Walrath, Headline News Editor

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Don’t write your number, don’t write how much you hate someone, don’t have a conversation with your friends, don’t draw, or say something you think is funny, it’s all stupid and unnecessary. The pointless things that trash-ily decorate the girls bathrooms. Personally, I have never had anything to say that was so important that I needed to take a Sharpy to a stall, but apparently some of the girls here do.

It makes the bathrooms, which are already gross, even uglier. There are areas all over the walls where patchy paint covers the writing. The custodians have enough on their plates, they shouldn’t have to be ridding the walls of girls stupid thoughts.

I know that Stephine kissed your boyfriend and you’re really mad, but just post it on your Snapchat story with a black screen and three fist emojis, because at least the people there care and it won’t be hurting anything.

Actually, don’t do that. It is 2019, we need to stop this tearing down women thing. ┬áSociety is going to that for us. We should be building each other up and inspiring each other to be our best selves.

I love Tik Tok and Vine as much as the next guy, but the quotes don’t need to be all over everything. It’s not cool or funny. You have unlimited access to being heard online at every moment, so why do girls need to see it while they’re just trying to pee? Either way, the intent moves fast and that meme will be dead in days and whatever you just wrote will be cringy if it stays up. It’s childish, it makes you look like a middle school kid.

Also, in the real word vandalism is a misdemeanor and it comes with a $250 fine. Sure, it’s edgy and “rules are meant to be broken” but take your teenage angst elsewhere and go back to class.

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