BitLife Ruined my Life


Azalia Munoz, Senior Spotlight Editor

Almost one year ago, I harmlessly installed an app called ‘BitLife’ – that was the worst/best mistake of my life. At first it was a game that I enjoyed, but didn’t get fully submersed in the glory of it all. That is, until I started playing before I would go to bed, and I found myself sitting there for 5+ hours at a time. I would find myself playing during class, walking to class, at home, when I was eating, and basically whenever I had the chance to play it. At a point it was all I did in my free time, I think I had a problem. I played it so much that I paid for the ad-free version just so I could play uninterrupted (it was worth the money.) I told everyone and their mother about the game, finding it entertaining just how crazy people would play the game. The vulgar captions and outrageous activities could have anyone hooked when they play it. It’s similar to Sims in the sense that you can control their life but there are obstacles to overcome, much like real life. Whenever I was born in the game, I would go in with a mindset of who I wanted to be for that game. I found myself thinking, “In this life, I will be a millionaire.” It’s sort of like pretending to be someone else for a little bit, and explore the life that your person could have.

The object of the game is to live for as long as possible basically, but health issues + events can make it hard to live for a long time. Happiness, health, smarts, and looks are measured throughout the game – this impacts the kind of life your person will have. If they’re super ugly, then it’s possible that finding a significant other will be difficult. I feel as if even though the game is only a game, there are decisions that we have to make in real life. Abortion, vaccinations, and money difficulty is something that is so prevalent in today’s day and age. It makes you think outside of the box, and allows you to place yourself in certain situations that otherwise wouldn’t have happened.

I love this game so much, not sponsored, and I believe that everyone who has never played lives a very dull life.