Jordan Ford’s Top Ten Unpopular Opinions

Jordan Ford, Reporter

Recently I’ve seen this trend going around on social media about people’s unpopular opinions, so I decided to write my own.

  1. Black Ariel: There has been a lot of controversy going on about Disney casting black female actress

    Halle Bailey for Ariel in the live action ‘The Little Mermaid.’ And I honestly don’t see why. There have been lots of movies redone with black actors and actresses such as The Wiz, Annie, and even a Cinderella (not made by Disney). Disney still needs to make more princesses with different racial backgrounds, but this can be a start for  now.

  2. Drake: Old Drake is better than new Drake. Overall new Drake’s music is kind of wack compared to his old music. His old music was better quality so I just prefer that more.
  3. Fjallraven Kankens: There is mixed feelings about this backpack, but I really like them. Some people say it’s too small and not functional, but they come in different sizes so that’s not really a problem. But it all really depends what your style is and what you’re into. Also they are aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Hydroflasks: This opinion may get a lot of hate but Hydroflasks are mostly bought now because of the name of them. There are so many other water bottles that do the same thing as a hydro for half of the price.
  5. In-n-Out: In-n-Out is over hyped. I realized this within the past few years that In-n-Out is so over hyped. Their burgers honestly aren’t that good, their fries taste like cardboard, and it’s just not good to me. Smash Burger has better stuff overall… sorry/not sorry.
  6. Tik Tok: In the beginning, I used to be one of the people who hated this app but now I’m highkey addicted to this app and I don’t see what all the hates about. Once you find the right content you really can’t stop using the app.
  7. “vScO gIrLs”: “Vsco girls” are just 2019 versions of 2012 Tumblr girls. I think this whole trend of girls is really annoying and I liked Vsco a lot more when it was just an editing app. And a lot of the things they are known for is a lot of the stuff that a lot of girls have been doing since they were a kid, like making friendship bracelets, wearing scrunchies, and a few other things. I really feel this trend needs to die down because this trend is again annoying. But if this is your aesthetic than keep doing you.
  8. Youtube isn’t diverse enough: This opinion can honestly be a whole article in itself but YouTube is not really diverse. If you look at the most popular faces of YouTube you can see that they all mainly fit the same category of being white. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing or that I’m mad at their fame I just feel like we need to add more people of color. Me being black its sad not seeing more people who are like me super famous on YouTube. I feel like the people of color on YouTube are under credited for what they do  and viewers let other creators steal the people of colors content but they will get mad if a YouTuber of color doesn’t credit the right creator.
  9. Juul: Again this is another rant on its own. What is the hype about Juuls. I don’t see why gaining a nicotine addiction is so cool. If you Juul or vape I feel like you might as well smoke cigarettes but those are your lungs so go crazy.
  10. Crocs: Crocs are amazing. I said what needs to be said. They are such a love hate item for some people but I love them. They are comfortable, cute and colorful. What more can you ask for?